He did not mean… To BLOW your mind…That thing happens…. ALLL of the time!

Michael Angelo Batiothe fastest guitar player ever! And one of the corniest/funniest dudes I’ve ever seen (through youtube) perform. Of course, this is just a matter of opinion, but the guy is just hilarious!

Skilled to the max, and totally credible, Michael Angelo is honestly pretty phenomenal… There’s just no way in hell I could take him seriously…


He’ll give you! The keys to the Lamborghini! Haha, that’s pure diamond gold! Equipped with a 29 fret guitar, Michael Angelo is here to blow minds! I would expect nothing less from a man with the name Michael Angelo; he’s got some pretty big shoes to fill! You can be sure that this guy’s amp goes to eleven! Please, please, please check out these videos!

Speed Killzzzzzz

Double Neck!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!! WHATS UP!!

FOUR NECKS??!??! GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!! – sweet explosion effect!



2 Responses to “He did not mean… To BLOW your mind…That thing happens…. ALLL of the time!”

  1. He kind of looks like joey ramone… except he just doesn’t rock as hard… I bet you that his amp goes to 11, that’s almost a given. I don’t think you can play that “lightning fast” without an amp that goes that high. The guys from Spinal Tap would definitely learn a thing or two from Sir Angelo.

  2. girloclock Says:

    I have a blog now, too!

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