‘Just Coffee’ Documentary – Striking Back!

Just Coffee takes a look at the different types of certified coffees on the market and assesses the benefits for coffee producers and consumers.


The coffee industry has suffered a crisis in recent years, with the price of raw coffee reaching its lowest price for over a century. There are an estimated 25 million small-scale coffee farmers in the developing world and the drop in price has cost them a staggering $4.5 billion a year. This has had a catastrophic knock-on effect for workers, the local community and the future sustainability of the entire coffee industry.


If you have the time, please watch the documentary and learn how the coffee industry is striking back! Just Coffee takes a look at four of the biggest certification labels on the market: Utz Kapeh, Rainforest Alliance, Organic and Fair Trade. It examines what they offer the consumer and how they benefit the producer. The film talks to large-scale coffee plantations and small-scale cooperatives in Brazil about the differences certification has made to their community and their local environment. It also speaks to coffee roasters, trade officials, labelling organisations and retailers in Europe about what they are doing to develop the certified coffee market.


3 Responses to “‘Just Coffee’ Documentary – Striking Back!”

  1. Did this change your mind on what coffe you buy now?

  2. howsoonis08 Says:

    Nahh… Cupper’s is really good about that. They’ve always brought in Fair Trade, and Al (who is the owner) knows the people who is buying from… so I’ve always been pretty guilt-free (or at least feel a bit better) buying from Cupper’s. Thanks for the comment Kyle!

  3. this is so cool! I just read about it in Surface….very sweet…http://www.illy.com/wps/wcm/connect/us/illy/art/project/push-button-house/

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