Think your Extreme?

So you think you’re extreme? You like danger? Take a look at the cases below… and then reconsider your answer!


Wingsuit flying is much like watching a flying squirrel. The jumpsuit shapes the peoples bodies into an airfoil which can create lift. It was mostly used in skydiving activity, but recently they’ve been playing around with base jumping. It’s one of the most spectacular spectacles I’ve seen for a long time. Although it scares the shit out of me… it is still astounding! The flyer enters freefall wearing both the wing suite and the parachute equipment, and when the all the fun of flying is over, the parachute is deployed in order to get a safe landing. This is pretty amazing stuff… It pretty much allows your to imitate birds… and as you will see below, the experience from flying a wing suit can be compared to the experience of a hawk!


Now this… This is Dan Osman…. Pretty much a pretty damn good definition of extreme. Dan was known for the dangerous sports of free-soloing (climbing without ropes or other safety gear), and rope jumping (a controlled free-fall of around several hundred feet, and then being caught by a safety rope). He was even the record setter for rope jumping…1200 feet of free-fall…. That’s enough to turn my intestines inside out 5 times over! Unfortunately for the climbing world… Dan died on November 23, 1998 at the age of 35 after his rope failed while performing a rope jump in Yosemite National Park. Dan did miscalculate on his last jump. For some reason he moved his jump site. In doing so he crossed the ropes (either on the retrieval line or on the main jump line). When he jumped, the first knot above the one he was tied in with slid down a section of rope several lengths up. The sheath was heavily melted and removed in several sections on this upper part of the rope. The knot that slid down the rope was melted in multiple locations and was melted nearly completely through, deep inside the knot. This knot was not tight, yet others in the system were (this is the one open question that is unresolved as far as I know). He was a pretty amazing person! Check out the video below!




3 Responses to “Think your Extreme?”

  1. Juergen Says:

    The picture of the free solo Climber above IS NOT Dan Osman. The route on this picture is called “Seperate Reality” in Yosemite Nationalpark. It was Free Soloed 3 times. First one was the German climber Wolfgang Güllich in the 80s, second one was his fotographer, the austrian mountaineer Heinz Zak in the 90s after Güllichs death in a car accident. And the third one was done by Dean Potter several Years ago.

    The climber on this picture is Heinz Zak.

    There is no doubt, that DanO wouldnt have been able the solo this route also, but actually he never did it.



  2. make sure you watch in high quality 🙂

  3. Juergen, you’re absolutely right, it’s Heinz Zak doing his free solo on “Separate Reality” in Yosemite Valley, no doubt about that. He did that in 2005, 19 years after Guellich took the same challenge.
    Don’t know how Heinz could have been misjudged for Dan… does the guy on the photo look japanese?!? (Dan had japanese roots)

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