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So give me Coffee and TV…Peacefully

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In the early 90’s, Blur was one of the most popular emerging bands in the U.K., and carried on, as well as broke down barriers, in the Britpop scene!


Why do I am including them in this post? Well, for one, they’re a great band…. I also just happened to stumble! Onto their Coffee and TV video from their 1999 release “13.” The song is sung by the band’s guitarist Graham Coxon, and the lyrics are apparently about Coxon’s attempt to give up drinking. It really reminds me on Blur’s earlier years, which I personally enjoy. As for the video, it features Milky (a milk carton with a mission) who is on search for Graham Coxon who has unfortunately gone missing. It’s a great video, and I’m sure that your just burning to find out how it ends!


The video itself is great, the band is great, it has coffee in the title, it’s music… It should be incorporated into my blog… so here it is! “Coffee and TV”

Do you want to make your own Milky??? How About Miss Milky??? Click Here!It’s a downloadable layout that you can cut out and put together for your own personal enjoyment!



That no good, Blondie haired, Angel Eyed, Son of a Tuco!

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Spaghetti Western films tore into the film scene around the middle of the swinging sixties. What was significant to this genre of western film was that it was low budged, violent, and usually had a minimalist cinematography style. The term Spaghetti was introduced because they were produced by Italian studios, and usually filmed in Italy as well.

Although the history is highly interesting, the matter of concern with this post has to due to the composer who did the musical score for (in my opinion) the greatest spaghetti western film ever; The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (1966). In fact, he did the musical scores for all of the ‘Man with No Name’ films. The composer is the great Ennio Morricone.

ilbuonoilbrutto.jpg the_good__the_bad___the_ugly_wtitle.jpg

Below I’ve posted three videos. The first one up for your viewing pleasure is the opening titles for The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly which features the theme song for the movie. The second film clip is the graveyard seen which features the composition entitles “The Ecstasy of Gold.” And finally, the third clip is of the final duel scene from The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly which features some of the finest displays of cinematography I have ever witnessed; so simple, yet so affective. Please indulge!

What I wanted to tie this into was ordering European coffee and enjoying it! Specifically I wanted to look at ordering coffee in an Italian coffee bar (see the ties? Spaghetti westerns to Italian coffee? It’s a meal in itself!), and what I guess you could call…etiquette. First thing you will want to keep in mind is that ordering a drink at the bar, and ordering it to sit and enjoy, has two different prices. Because most of the tourists sit down and drink their coffee, they can exploit this (in a way) and charge more to use the seating capabilities.


If you were wanting to order an espresso in Italy, all you would have to do is simply ask for a “caffe,” however, you must remember to drink it quickly. Espresso is made to be enjoyed quickly, not a casual sip and bullshit drink. Also, any coffee after breakfast or 11am should not contain milk. You’ll be a laughing stock if you order a cappuccino after 11am. This is really too bad… because I really enjoy a good cappuccino… and I guess I hate to admit it?? In a later post I will go over proper drink terminology. Cappuccinos from most places in our little city are not cappuccinos at all…