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Old Grind Gag

Posted in abnormal, Coffee, Comedy, music, rant, roasting, Sociology with tags , , , , , , on April 7, 2008 by howsoonis08

I just thought I’d share a really shitty situation that I found myself in this morning. As many of you who read this know, it’s essay season… I’ve been bombarded, and now am overjoyed to say that I have ONE left! Anyway, continuing with my story…

I stayed up all last night finishing up an essay that was to be handed in at 4:00pm today. The writing was going great…I really enjoy writing essays of sociological theory class…. however, I ran out of coffee beans around 4:00am. I guess I could have started drinking tea… but I decided to instead try to make a shot of espresso from the coffee grinds that don’t quite make it into the portafiliter. I didn’t know how long they had been there for, and knew that it would most likely taste like shit because of the oxidation that would occur quickly after the grinding was done, but I decided to go through with it. This is a bad idea…

Don’t try this… it was disgusting… it literally made me gag. Needless to say, I battled the night with the help of tea instead of coffee.

So I guess…. don’t make shitty espresso from really old grinds… and …. don’t be a jackass and do something you know you shouldn’t…. just drink tea instead.


‘Just Coffee’ Documentary – Striking Back!

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Just Coffee takes a look at the different types of certified coffees on the market and assesses the benefits for coffee producers and consumers.


The coffee industry has suffered a crisis in recent years, with the price of raw coffee reaching its lowest price for over a century. There are an estimated 25 million small-scale coffee farmers in the developing world and the drop in price has cost them a staggering $4.5 billion a year. This has had a catastrophic knock-on effect for workers, the local community and the future sustainability of the entire coffee industry.


If you have the time, please watch the documentary and learn how the coffee industry is striking back! Just Coffee takes a look at four of the biggest certification labels on the market: Utz Kapeh, Rainforest Alliance, Organic and Fair Trade. It examines what they offer the consumer and how they benefit the producer. The film talks to large-scale coffee plantations and small-scale cooperatives in Brazil about the differences certification has made to their community and their local environment. It also speaks to coffee roasters, trade officials, labelling organisations and retailers in Europe about what they are doing to develop the certified coffee market.

Crap Factory Coffee!

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Who knew shit could taste so good?! There is nothing I would enjoy more then to dry some of this shit, crush this shit, run pressurized water through it, and enjoy every last drop of the oily water! Confused yet? I know, personally, if someone was going to tell me that they were going to drink something that came for poo, I would be a little confused… and very skeptical… Well, as it turns out, what they’re really doing is waiting for coffee beans to be eaten, digested, and excreted from the Asian Palm Civet, and making coffee from it!

kopi_luwak.jpg Kind of looks like an Baby Ruth… no?

These coffee beans are called Kopi Luwak, and are the most expensive coffee in the world! How expensive? Well, it sells for between $120 and $600 US dollars per pound! It’s really quite something… The civets will eat the coffee berries, the bean (inside the berry) will pass through their system undigested, and will come out with a decreased amount of caffeine, and a unique palette of tastes (none of which are shitty!).


The reason for such a high price isn’t a hard answer to come up with… for instance… the workers have to follow around a weasel-like rodent waiting it to shit…. does that help a little? What about the fact that the civets can only eat and shit so much (Low Quantity)? And if its increasing the flavors in the coffee bean, this means it’s going to be an increase in demand for coffee connoisseurs!


This makes me wonder about people using this information to make money… If the civet-poo coffee is so delicious, why not put them onto farms, feed them beans, and harvest the poo? Of course people do this! But I wonder about the quality… If in a nature setting these civets create masterful coffee beans, what happens when you collect them, feed them a food substitute as well as coffee cherries, and then collect their poo? It probably won’t be as authentic as the real product, nor as high quality. Unfortunately this is all true, and new processes, such as chemically stimulating the civet’s digestive system, have been developed in order to create more and more of a supply…

Well… I am yet to try Kopi Luwak… Our local coffee roaster Cupper’s brought it in once, but there is no way I can afford upwards to $100 dollars a pound for coffee on a tight university budget. Someday… someday I will get to indulge in flavors that have been created by sitting in a animals crap factory…!

Always stay unique! (Is that even possible?)

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Hi everyone! This go around is going to look at extremely interesting ways of playing instruments, and matching it with unique ways people are home roasting their coffee! Although many would argue that regardless of how well these new takes on old idea are, if they are not done classically it’s not done right, but that’s not what I’m going to be doing here. Classics are classics for a reason, but isn’t it fun spice things up and take on a new perspective? Videos are always enjoyable to look at, so lets get down to business and check out some crazy instrument playing!

This is Andy McKee! He is an American guitarist who has developed a rarely seen style of playing. Just recently, largely due to the enormous reaction his video got on youtube, Andy has sky rocketed in popularity; he definitely deserves it!  If you like guitar playing like this, make sure you check out anything by Owls, Make believe, or Ghosts and Vodka.

This is a video of someone performing a Steve Reich composition. Steve Reich was a pioneer in minimalist music composure. Steve’s music is filled with repetitive figures, slow harmonic rhythm and canons, and make for a very interesting take on the use of instruments and the use of tape loops. If your interested, definitely check him out! click here to broaden your minimalist palette!

Now onto to the coffee aspect! There is a very great emphasis that needs to be presented on how important roasting coffee is when it comes to creating a savory cup of coffee! What is desired from the roasting process is the flavorful oils that are emitted during the roasting. The bean looses moisture, protein, caffeine, and certain other chemicals, and the sugars are burned which give the beans the brown color! Home roasting is becoming more and more popular because of the fact that the coffee beans loose flavor with each ticking hour that goes by after the roasting process; though some prefer to wait 24 hours before making their first cup. Take a look see at wacky ways of home roasting!