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Always stay unique! (Is that even possible?)

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Hi everyone! This go around is going to look at extremely interesting ways of playing instruments, and matching it with unique ways people are home roasting their coffee! Although many would argue that regardless of how well these new takes on old idea are, if they are not done classically it’s not done right, but that’s not what I’m going to be doing here. Classics are classics for a reason, but isn’t it fun spice things up and take on a new perspective? Videos are always enjoyable to look at, so lets get down to business and check out some crazy instrument playing!

This is Andy McKee! He is an American guitarist who has developed a rarely seen style of playing. Just recently, largely due to the enormous reaction his video got on youtube, Andy has sky rocketed in popularity; he definitely deserves it!  If you like guitar playing like this, make sure you check out anything by Owls, Make believe, or Ghosts and Vodka.

This is a video of someone performing a Steve Reich composition. Steve Reich was a pioneer in minimalist music composure. Steve’s music is filled with repetitive figures, slow harmonic rhythm and canons, and make for a very interesting take on the use of instruments and the use of tape loops. If your interested, definitely check him out! click here to broaden your minimalist palette!

Now onto to the coffee aspect! There is a very great emphasis that needs to be presented on how important roasting coffee is when it comes to creating a savory cup of coffee! What is desired from the roasting process is the flavorful oils that are emitted during the roasting. The bean looses moisture, protein, caffeine, and certain other chemicals, and the sugars are burned which give the beans the brown color! Home roasting is becoming more and more popular because of the fact that the coffee beans loose flavor with each ticking hour that goes by after the roasting process; though some prefer to wait 24 hours before making their first cup. Take a look see at wacky ways of home roasting!